Friday, May 11, 2007

random thoughts for May

Notice: This is an advance warning, if anyone is reading this blog, I only have 5 more days of work, which means, 5 more days of blogging before I'm off for the summer. I hope to come in some and blog over the summer, but I'm not sure how often.

You see, when I'm home, being a farmer-wanna-be and full time mom during the summer months, I really drag my feet about coming to town. So, stopping by work is even lower on the list. Since I'm too cheap to buy a decent home computer and a decent Internet connection, I'm dependent solely on the Internet connection at the Library. I just can't seem to justify $50 bucks a month to be hooked up. And, I just can't seem to justify trips to town, especially if the price of gas keeps going up. My salary hasn't gone up in 2 years now, why can't everything else stagnate too?

I believe that spring is finally here. Kev and I planted more in our garden last night. We planted potatoes, tomatoes, jalapenos, carrots and cucumbers. Last weekend, we planted lettuce, broccoli, peas, beets and onions. Yesterday, it looked like the beets were coming up and maybe a few peas. The onion sets didn't make it. They didn't look very well when we planted them, so I have 80 more onion sets to get in the ground. We also still need to get corn in the ground and decide if we are going to plant beans or not.

We've got two pigs growing in the pen, two boar goats growing and 15 chicks. I'm turning the chicks outside now, letting them intermingle with the adult hens. I know they have to establish their pecking order, but the chicks are so small and the hens so big, that I worry that a chick will get killed by a well-placed peck.

This is my favorite time of spring, it's warm outside, we're getting started on all our outside activities, the animals are still small and cute, not large and obnoxious. The hustle and bustle of getting ready for the fair is still far enough away that we can relax and just enjoy the sun, the warmth and our life on our little homestead.

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Have a great summer!