Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Deer Chicken

Every day, I see deer while driving either to work, or home from work. Yesterday morning, I only saw one deer, but last night, I saw at least 10. Those ten were all in two bunches, going across the highway in front of me. Mule deer, or Muleys. (Is it Muleys, or Mulies? Muleys looks better, but grammatically...?)

It was right at 6 p.m., almost dark. Those stupid deer were being typical deer, and were playing Chicken across the highway. Several crossed the road in front of me, but one didn't make it across. She stood there waiting for me to get closer. I, however, had figured her little strategy out. I slowed down, so when she tried to play chicken with me, and ran out in front of me, well, it wasn't much of a contest, because I didn't even come close to hitting her. I'll bet she lost points for that one. She ran across to all the other deer, and then, right behind me, they went back across the highway; probably waiting for the next driver behind me. Stupid deer.

About a mile down the road, there were more Muleys, but they crossed sedately and calmly and headed out to the field for supper. These must have been the adults, much too sophisticated and too mature to play a silly game like Chicken. Of course, this group included a nice big daddy buck, so maybe all the girls were toeing the line and behaving themselves, not wanting to get in trouble. Maybe. I was grateful. While I've hit deer with a car before, it's not a pleasant experience and one I'm hoping to avoid as long as possible.

But, I'll admit, I enjoy spotting them during my drives.

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