Tuesday, November 20, 2007

My Daddy loves me...

Remember that house I posted about a few days ago--the one I lust after, and I've only seen photos online. Well, I asked my Daddy if he'd give me an advance on my inheritance so I could pay enough down to finance it. I only need, oh, $100,000 or so. I could probably make it work with, a measly $50,000. It would be a stretch, but I could do it. So, I asked Daddy for an advance. After all, I'm his favorite daughter. I'm his baby girl. I'm the child who will take care of him in his old age.

He said, "sure," and handed me a check he'd received that day. It was his final settlement check from a local CoOp that had gone out of business. They finally made their final payment to the shareholders. Daddy's share was a whopping 16 cents.

Isn't he a wonderful dad, he just handed over that entire check. Wow, that will do so much for me. Now I can buy a piece of bubblegum. Maybe a sucker. I can call and make a bid on that house today!

I guess I should appreciate his willingness to share his cash cow with me, his only daughter. And, since it's a gift NOW, I won't have to split it with my brother. I'm sure he'd be heartbroken not to get his 8 cents. But after all, I'm Dad's favorite...daughter.

Aren't Daddys great?

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