Thursday, November 29, 2007

Bus passes

I had to send a note to school for a bus pass for Miss Kat recently. Since I'm gone, on dance lesson days, she's now going home with her BFF, Miss Jenna, and I had to send the note so she could ride the bus. (I also gave Miss Kat a check for her lessons, but she still hasn't taken it. The check was dated Nov do the math.)

I hate having to send a note to the school for every cotton pickin' thing, but I know that notes from parents regarding their children's after school plans are important. I am the child who caused the "needing of notes."

One day, when I was in First Grade, I rode the bus from school in Ashland to Grandma and Grandpa B's house, in Big E. I thought that Mom had told me to go there. She'd evidently had me do it before, as I knew which bus to ride and I knew the bus driver, Fritz.

On this day, I remember marching out and getting on the bus; so grown up, so big, so confident and sure of myself. Fritz looked at me and said, "Why are you riding the bus today?" I replied confidently, "I'm going to Grandmas." He just shrugged his shoulders and I sat down, midway back by my friends.

We then traveled on to the High School, where my Aunt Sandy got on. She saw me and asked "Why are you here?" I replied just as confidently as before, "I'm going home with you."

When we got to Big E, the country kids got off the big bus and on to the little bus to go home. Grandpa drove the little bus. I too, got on the Country bus.

"What are you doing here?" He asked.

I remember being really tired of this question by now. After all, just what did they think I was doing? "I'm supposed to go to your house." By now, my confidence was slightly less, and I was beginning to wonder if I'd messed up, again.

So, he took me home, where we discovered I wasn't supposed to be there. Mom had already called Grandma and I was in trouble.

I don't remember a spanking, I don't remember the scolding that I probably, most definitely got from every single adult available, I don't remember any of that. I do remember feeling bad about making Mom drive all the way over to pick me up. But, I honestly felt like I was supposed to go to Grandma's.

I never did it again. But I'm pretty sure that I'm the reason all schools all over the country now require notes from parents for bus passes.

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