Tuesday, December 04, 2007


Kev and I packed quite a bit this past weekend. We packed the store room which was mainly in totes and boxes except for my pantry area. That primarily consists of pickles, green beans, tomato products, jams and jellies, and some basic staples that I keep stocked up on. Most of the veggies and jellies are items that I've canned myself--using products from our garden or from produce or fruit that friends have shared. Glass jars. Fragile glass jars.

But, Kev and I figured out a good system. We (he) got a box that had gotten wet and cut it into strips. Those strips were placed between the jars to cushion and protect the jars. It worked really well, and we both liked finding a use for those boxes that were unusable otherwise. As long as no one drops any box, we'll be fine.

After finishing up the store room, we moved into the basement family room. We started boxing my CM albums and supplies. Do you have any guesses as to the number of boxes that are labeled "CM stuff"? Yeah, it was scary.

I was a consultant for 10 years. When I deactivated last year, I still had lots of supplies. I have enough circle punches to last me, and 8 other people, a life time. Let's just say they didn't sell well. Last time I had counted, which was a few years ago, I had 15 full photo albums. I know I have more than that now, because I had started two new ones for the kids right before I quit, one for Andy's High School years and Kat needed a new album too. I haven't worked on any albums for a year now. I just haven't been motivated. Maybe, when I unpack my CM stuff at the new house, I'll feel more motivated again and work on them and get caught up. Maybe. We'll see.

But, we packed something. We talked about packing more, but neither of us wants to pack items that we see and use daily. Kevin wants the house to feel like home until we leave. I feel the same way, so most will wait until after the 14th of December. That's my last day for the semester and we can finish packing that next week. We'll take possession of the new house on the 20th of the month. The kids are out of school on the 21st. The Berends family Christmas is the 22nd. Yeah, I know. Good planning on my part. But hey, we packed...something!

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