Wednesday, January 23, 2008

cough cough hack hack

I'm typing this blog from the comfort of my couch in my living room, at home today.

I'm feeling puny today. I'm trying to cough one of my lungs to be more specific. And, I'm so stinkin' tired from not sleeping well last night and my throat hurts from the coughing and I can barely make a sound. (Much to the delight of my family.)

My son was the generous soul who gave me this horrific cold. Isn't he a wonderful boy? Yeah, I already told him "thanks."

But, wait, I know you are wondering just how I'm typing this entry from was also the day we got Internet hooked up at home. For the first time ever, I'm online at home. What a concept. I had bribed...I mean promised the kids that I'd get us Internet when we moved. I promised we'd get a much needed new computer and Internet service. I came through on that promise this past week and it was hooked up today.

Miss Kat is st stinkin' excited that I wasn't sure she'd get herself off to school this morning. She'll be online as soon as she hits the door after school today. My hope and prayer is that she'll leave me alone to enjoy my much needed and wanted nap.

Kev's bringing home a humidifier to help me get back on my feet...and maybe he's bringing it home in self-defense...he's tired of getting shocked every single time he walks across the floor. I know I'm tired of it myself.

I don't like being sick. I hate missing a day of work. But, I do like having Internet service at home. Maybe I'll blog more. Maybe I'll have interesting things to blog about. Maybe I can remember more things to blog that will embarrass my kids. Heck, maybe I'll let the family read my blog for a change...

I'd write more profound items right now, but instead, I think I'll log off and hit the bed and take that nap.

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