Thursday, January 10, 2008

Some things never change...

Remember yesterday, when I closed my post, I said moving was a good thing?

I changed my mind last night.

Andy came home from practice mad.

He wouldn't talk to me.

I finally got some information--some girl said something during to school that made him mad.

I have no idea what, or who...because he's a stoic man-child who won't talk to his mother about what's bothering him.

Then Miss Kat got a phone call from her BFF Jenna in Colby who told Miss Kat that there was a Middle School dance Friday night.

Miss Kat wanted me to drive her back to Colby so she could go to this dance.

And became furious when I said no.

And said I had ruined her life by making her move and leaving her "only" friends.

And I'd probably never go to any of her track meets, because I just don't love her enough.

Kev was at an orientation meeting for work, I was home with two angry children.

I had a bowl of rocky road ice cream for supper and hid in my bedroom for a couple of hours.

Don't know about the kids, but I felt much better...

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