Thursday, January 31, 2008

eye dr's and contacts

I've been to the eye dr. every Saturday for the past three Saturdays. Not for me, but for the kids. I took Kat first, she was due for a checkup. And,she needed new glasses. So...we got new lens, and since she can go out for sports, we decided to get contacts...but, the contacts couldn't be in for over a week, so we sat up an appointment for the 26th of Jan. At the same time, I set up an appointment for Andy the 19th since he needed his eyes checked too.

At Andy's appointment, we discovered that he hadn't been taking care of his contacts correctly...and had scratched his corneas. No infection or permanent damage, but the Dr. wanted him to go with out glasses for 8 weeks. Great. Since Andy didn't have any glasses anymore, I had to buy him glasses.

So, I've paid for two eye exams, a pair of glasses for Andy, new lens, and contacts for Kat. And, to make it all better...I really need to go myself!

Kat's contacts came in. She learned how to put them in and take them out and...well, it isn't going so well.

As you all know, Miss Kat has a short temper. Miniscule temper is probably more accurate, as that child has a short fuse and she gets frustrated and gives up way too easily.

Every morning has been a struggle for her to get those &*(&^%* things in her eyes.
In fact, she went in her glasses twice this week, simply because she gave up and couldn't get them in without me. My job is to hold the mirror.

This morning, I got her up early just so she could get her contacts in before Kev and I left for work. With 5 minutes left and after several minutes of watching her repeatedly try and pout when she didn't succeed and get angry, and stomp her feet, and whine that she couldn't do it, and...well, you get the picture. I put the contacts in her eyes for her. I put them in for her because, dang it, I paid for the dang things, and she's going to wear them! So, I did the work for her. (only after Kev tried to put them in her eyes...but he said her eyes were too little.)

Me installing the contacts is not a permanent solution, because I will not be doing this every day. She's got to learn and I'm going to make her learn. I learned. Her dad learned. Her brother learned. Her best friend learned. So, she can learn.

Besides, I've spent a fortune on the her eyes and I'm not going to follow her around for the rest of her life putting in her contacts. Tonight, Kev helped her remove them. I didn't watch. But, she did it herself. That's progress...right?

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