Thursday, January 17, 2008

learning about myself part 2

This must be the week for self discovery. Don't 'cha think that at 43, almost (gasp) 44, I'd have a pretty good idea of who I am?

I'm assertive.

That's what my boss called me, assertive. I guess because I've jumped in and done something, not just waited for someone to tell me what to do. But, I wouldn't call that assertive, I'd call that "seeing what needs to be done and doing it!" I asked Kev if HE thinks I'm assertive. He thought about it and said yes, that if I want something, I'm going to figure out a way to get it. Last night, Kim reinforced that. She said I always appear confident and that I'm assertive in a positive way, that I never make anyone feel like I'm pushy and I make them want to go along with what I want to do or change.

I'm creative.

My boss also told me I was creative. Simply because I'm trying to figure out ways to improve this place without spending a lot of money and I'm trying to find ways to get things that we need without spending a lot of money. I guess I look at this as being realistic. There's a need and I'm trying to figure out the best way to get it taken care of. I don't consider that creative, but I guess my boss does.

I'm friendly--friendlier than "most librarians." Whatever that means. A teacher told his class this after I gave a presentation to them. Maybe he says it about all librarians to his classes, but it was unexpected.

When I interviewed, I was asked what Kev would say were my three biggest strengths and weaknesses were.

So, after I was done, I asked him what they were.

I can't tell what he said was my biggest strength...but remember, we were together again after his two week hunting trip.

But, then he said I was mentally and emotionally strong and that I was a good, loyal friend.

I guess it's good to keep learning things about yourself. And, it feels good to actually have someone say nice things about you--to you.

So, my challenge to all of you...tell a friend or a loved one something good about them. Maybe they didn't ever think of themselves that way. And, if they did know this about themselves, then maybe they just need to hear it from someone else. Guaranteed, it will make them feel good about themselves, and we all need a little positive stroke sometimes.

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