Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Andy came to town with my yesterday to order his tux for his Junior Prom. We're ordering him a 40 long jacket.

40 long...the kid is huge! He's bulking up, getting muscles and ripples in his arms. He's becoming a man in front of my eyes. This day was supposed to still be far, far in the future, not here, now. Where did the time go?

After getting his tux ordered, he drove home alone. And, I worried. I worried because he's still not familiar with Dodge. I worried becasue it's a 30 minute drive home. I worried because it was misting, and he might have an accident. I worried until he called me to tell me he was home and fine.

He's got one year at home with me before he sets out on his own. Will I stop worrying then? Cause right now, I dodn't think I will.

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agent713 said...

Nope, unfortunately you won't stop worrying :( It's what mother's do best. ((HUGS))