Friday, March 28, 2008

Trace and Sam and Sean

We watched the finale of Celebrity Apprentice last night. We've never watched the show, and have never watched any Apprentice show...but Country Singer, Trace Atkins was a finalist, and well, I like Trace, so we watched, just to see how he did.

Hubba Hubba. Trace made my little old heart go pitter-patter. Then he opened his mouth and I melted. I swear, I got all tingly and the pitter-patter got faster. That man's voice. Hubba Hubba...

I've always told Kev that I'd never leave him for any other man...well, ok, other than Sean Connery and Sam Elliott. Sean, cause he's sexy. I like the Scottish accent, and I like his face. I like the character lines, the white hair...I think he's one man who has gotten better looking the older he's gotten.

I like Sam Elliott's voice. I love deep, bass, voices. He could look like some drunken bum--a homeless drunken bum, but as long as I could shut my eyes and he could just talk...oh my. Again, Hubba Hubba. And then put Sam on a horse with that deep voice, and I'm lost. If he put me on the horse with him, and he whispered in my ear...well, I just can't think about that right now...

But last night, I told Kev that he'd have to add Trace to the list. He's tall, good looking, looks excellent in his hat, and he has that deep voice that just gives me a shiver all over. The very minute he knocks on my door, I'm gone.

But until one of these guys does knock on my door, well, then I'll stay happy and content with Kev.

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