Friday, March 14, 2008

morning rush hour

Today has not been a very good day.

Kev and I usually get up at 6 a.m. I bathe, he eats and fixes breakfast. Then when I get out of the tub, he takes a shower and I eat. We take turns making sure the kids are up. Then we get our lunch and head out the door by 7:10 a.m.

But today, the alarm didn't go off. We woke up at 6:30. Yikes! So, he hits the shower, and I jump in a couple minutes later. (Hey, my first stop is always the potty...) Taking a shower together would save time, but he was done before I got in, so I just jumped in, showered and got out.

I got my clothes out, got dressed, then put the make-up on and brushed my teeth. We decided that we'd just grab something for breakfast in Dodge. The kids were up, all moving pretty well. Until I decided to change my shirt. When I pulled my shirt off, my lens fell out of my glasses. Great. Found the lens, and fortunately, the screw was still in the frame.

It was until I handed Kev the frames, then it fell out. Great. There we were, crawling on the floor. Me, blind as a bat, wearing my pants and a bra, Kev annoyed but fully dressed. We found the screw and I set about finding the eyeglasses screwdriver.

I've seen it in the past week...somewhere. It was a place that I remember thinking was a good spot for the screwdriver, somewhere easy to remember and someplace logical.

But, wherever it is, it wasn't logical this morning and I couldn't find it. And I looked. I looked in the bedroom, in the bathroom, in the kitchen, in the junk drawer, in the drawers to the end tables...I looked...still wearing my pants and no shirt. (I can't express how much my kids enjoyed that!)

We gave up. Kev tried screwing it back in using the blade on his pocketknife. We were both getting frustrated. Me, because I couldn't see and Kev because this was taking too much time when we were already rushed. Of course, he couldn't get the screw back into it's hole. So, we decided to go ahead and leave for work. I got a shirt on, blindly grabbed my coat and purse and we headed out the door.

But, wait! We didn't have our cellphones! Crap. So I ran back upstairs, grabbed the phones, and out the door we went. I put on my one-lens glasses and tried to see. But, that made me nauseous. I knew going without them completely would make me even sicker--I'm that blind. So, I rode to town with my eyes shut.

we got to town, and stopped by Dillons, the grocery store, to grab two things. Breakfast and an eyeglass repair kit. I went in with one eye closed, just to be able to see enough to navigate. I'm sure the other early morning shoppers were wondering about the strange lady with one eye squinted shut running around the store.

We each got 2 donuts and the kit. Once in the car, Kev tried to put the screw back in the glasses. He dropped the screw. He got mad.

We decided to run to his clinic and then he'd try to find the screw in the seat and we'd go into his office to try screwing it together--over a desk.

It was rough going, and we were both stressed. I was now late for work. But, he finally got it in and I ran to work with my breakfast. Breakfast consisted of the highly healthy and non-fattening donuts and to wash it down...a Dr Pepper.

I can tell you now, that so far, the day hasn't gotten much better. But at least I can see.

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