Tuesday, March 04, 2008

my poor ring

I wear two rings all the time. The sometimes come off when I'm cooking something really messy, and the sometimes come off when I put on lotion. But, for the most part, I wear them 24/7. One ring is my wedding set. The other ring is a sapphire with two diamond chips on either side that Kev got me for our 5th anniversery. That's about all the jewelry I wear. Both rings mean a great deal to me.

Last night, I took off my sappphire to apply lotion, and it was feeling tight. Once it was off, I immediately saw WHY it felt tight. It was smashed in on one side, smashed in so it looked like a crooked oval. No wonder it felt funny!

On sunday, as I was vacuuming the stairs, it fell on me. I started vacuuming from the top and I guess as I got farther down, I pulled on the hose a little too forcefully and pulled the vacuum down on me.

I pinched my pinky finger, in fact, it has a nice bruise under the nail. I thought that was the only damage, but now, I'm guessing that my poor ring took the brunt of the damage.

Being me, I tried to pry it open again. It didn't work, so I'll have to take it to a jewler.

Sometimes, I'm such a dork.

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