Thursday, August 06, 2009

Henny & Penny

This is Henny.
And, this is Penny.

Or maybe the top one is Penny, and this one is Henny...

It's so hard to keep them straight when they look so much alike. Anyway, these are my two broody girls. They've been sitting in these nesting boxes for about a month now. Every night, I reach under their little hot bodies and steal those eggs they keep trying to hatch.

I'm not very popular with Henny and Penny. In fact, last night, Henny, or maybe it was Penny, stabbed me with her beak.

It didn't hurt. I didn't even need a band-aid.

After all, I'm a tough old, country girl.

These guys have absolutely nothing to do with Henny or Penny, or even me. But, they and several of their best friends landed in the field next to our house last week. Aren't they pretty? As they flew over my head and circled to land in the field, I was worried that one of them would leave a deposit on my head. But they didn't.

If Henny or Penny could fly; well, they would probably leave a deposit on me, just to get even.

Stupid birds...

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