Monday, August 24, 2009

Shopping with teenage girls

On Saturday, I took Miss Kat to a nearby city to shop for some school clothes. I also asked my Mother if she'd join us. Not for her pleasure, but for me to have some moral support. Shopping with Miss Kat is not something I enjoy. (Shopping is something I don't enjoy, but it's worse when you add a teenage girl to the equation.)

I like this, she likes that.

She wants this, I don't want to spend the money on that.

If I say the sky is blue, she says it's green.

Sounds like fun, doesn't it.

That's why I asked Mom to join us. She can be the peace keeper, and she can remind me that "this too will pass". Cause Mom has been known to just laugh at Miss Kat and I and remind me that she and I didn't necessarily shop well together when I was a teenager. While it helps me keep things in perspective, I really don't want to be reminded that I was once a snotty teenager too.

Our shopping trip could have been worse. And I think there were two reasons it wasn't worse,; Mom was with us, and Miss Kat's Colby BFF, Miss Jenna, and her Mom joined us. Miss Kat and Miss Jenna are both just about the same size, except they have different shapes. Miss Kat is pretty lean and long and Miss Jenna is curvier, she has hips and boobs--as much as a size 0 or 1 girl can have hips and boobs... But, the girls could try on clothes together, and squeal together and they would tell each other what looked good and what didn't. They didn't even get mad at each other like they each would have with us Mom's. Having four other people looking at what they bought/tried on, and getting four opinions are always better than one Mom's opinion--even if she's the one with the checkbook.

I had planned on looking some for myself, I need some new shirts, and bras and I thought maybe I could even find a couple of shirts for Kev too. I never made it to the "adult" section of any store. Straight to the Junior section and then to the cashier. (Thank god for Target and Home Depot though, I did get a few things--other than clothes--at those stores!)

We left tired and broke, but I think it was a successful day. After all, at no time that day did I want to personally strangle my daughter...or my mother.

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