Thursday, January 14, 2010

the current project

I know that before Christmas, I said that my next project would be this one:

But...I lied.
I do want to do this--soon, but as I looked at my stash...guilt set in. Some of my projects I've had for years. And, I decided that I really needed to get some of them out of the way before I could work on Mom's kitchen.
So, I embroidered three sets of tea towels. On two sets, I did my own transfers with my own designs. One set was simply tea pots, the other was a Celtic design. (And, I gave all of them away without taking pictures.) Once I finished these, I got out this project that I know I've had for at least 4 years:
It's titled Flowers and Lace and it's a Dimensions design. The biggest challenge in it has been the off white stitching for the lace. I finished the top left hand corner of lace last week, and last night, I almost completed the upper right hand corner of lace. Until I noticed--on that last round of lace, the outside stuff--that something wasn't lining up right.
If you'll click on the photo, you'll see the inside lace is a lattice, then stars, then starburst thingies. Well...some idiot made her lattice one row short which threw off everything else. So instead of finishing that section...
I started ripping it all out.
I have most of it ripped and ready to go again, but still...I probably ripped out 4 hours of work. Tonight, after Miss Kat's ball game, I'll finish ripping out what's left, and then tomorrow night I can start over.
I have no idea what I'm going to do with this once it's done. In the old house, I was going to put it up in Miss Kat's bathroom which was painted periwinkle. It would have looked really nice in there. But, her current bathroom is turquoise, so it won't quite work.
Right now, all I want to do is to finish the darn thing--without any more mistakes.

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L.Howerter said...

It is very delicate and beautiful.

sorry you had to take it all apart :(