Friday, January 22, 2010

Lady Deuces Basketball

We watched the final game of the Jr High Season last night. The girls were in the Championship game playing against my Alma mater...Ashland.

There's a pretty big rivalry between the Deuces and the Bluejays. It was very evident last night, as the girls game looked more like a football game than a basketball game.

I don't think that we played as physically when I was in school. Man, there were girls on both teams getting hurt last night. No blood, but lots of heads banging the floors, hands getting stepped on, bodies slamming into the floor and into each other. Both teams were in the Bonus early, both teams had girls in foul trouble in the first quarter! Girls who never foul had 4 fouls!

It was intense.

What's worse, is that whenever we play Ashland, my Alma mater, I really really want to beat them. It's an intense emotion, and nothing is more satisfying as beating them. (I didn't expect to feel this way when we moved here, but I do.)

Back to last night's game... since it was so intense, Miss Kat did not get to play, and I'm glad. I don't think I could have handled the pressure, because I was having trouble anyway. It would only have been worse if she had been playing, because then I'd have wanted her to shine and to kick some Bluejay butt at the same time.

The girls finally won, 45 to 37, but they had to fight for every basket and they had to fight to win. It was a really good game and I'm really glad the girls kicked butt!

Congratulations Lady Deuces--Undefeated Champions of the Southern Plains Iroquois League!

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