Thursday, January 28, 2010

Big FAT Liar

Many many moons ago when Kev and I were first dating, I discovered that he was a Big Fat Liar. Knowing this about him, you'd think I'd have left. And, maybe I should have, but he was cute and sexy and somehow those two attributes won over the honesty thing.

One evening, we were at his house, lying on the floor, watching TV. We were talking and snuggling and all was well. Somehow our conversation came around to prison and jail. (It's been 20 years or more, don't expect me to remember how we got on that topic.) Anyway, in the course of the conversation, Kev mentioned that he'd spent a week in jail. Because our relationship was new, I didn't ask what for, I just asked what it was like. After all, I liked this guy and didn't want to know all the bad aspects of his life... I'd have to leave if he were a mad serial killer or something like that. I think he finally mentioned that it had something to do with alcohol. I had already heard some details of his wild single years thought to myself, "yeah, that makes sense."

Nothing more was said for about 6 months until he laughingly told me the jail story was all a Big FAT Lie. Oh, it was soooooo buying this Big FAT lie and believing a guy I was dating...Sooooo very funny. Yeah. I'm still laughing about it.

But, it doesn't change the fact that he was a Big FAT Liar then, and he's still a Big FAT Liar.

We are not even going into the aspect of the conversation that starts with this phrase... "Well, YOU married him..."

So...yesterday was my birf-day. And, in the morning, Kev asked where our checkbook was. I told him and asked why. He said he was just curious and then mentioned he had to pick up my present. At that point, I jerked my head around to look at him and said, "No you don't. We just bought a new vehicle, I do not need a present." He said, "Sorry, but I had already ordered it."

Great...just great. Kev then reminded me that I'd probably have to ride home with Andy because he had a meeting at work, his Boss, Amy, had scheduled this staff meeting at 5 because that was the only time of day they could all get together. No problem, I made arrangements with Andy to pick me up.

Kev called a little after 6 p.m. last night, saying he was leaving Dodge, and he'd call again when he got to Ford so we could meet him at the Bar in town for supper. He called about 15 minutes later and said he'd be late because he was stopped at the railroad tracks by a train. It was a little after 7 when he finally said he was at Ford, so we drove to town for supper.

We got home and I went upstairs. Miss Kat came running upstairs, and covered my eyes so I wouldn't see my present. When I opened them, this is what I saw:

It's a ceder chest! See, look inside:

Kev knows a guy who is just starting a woodworking business and he made this for me! Kev drove to Montezuma last night to pick it up and pay for it. (I haven't even looked in the checkbook yet to see what it cost!)

I was stunned. I've wanted a ceder chest since I was in High School. It's made of knotty pine and is cedar lined. It smells so good! And it's just my style, simple and rustic. The knotty pine will go with our bedroom set and I love it. And, I can't believe he remembered and that he went through the trouble of getting me this! I don't know why, but he must love me.

But he's still a Big FAT liar. He lied about the meeting after work. He lied about getting caught by a train. And, somehow, when he lies, he still manages to get a Big FAT kiss.


jengels said...

AAAAAAAAAAAAAWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW. . . That's so sweet!! Tell Kev he did a great job with the present this year. . . He deserves a kudo!

L.Howerter said...

heh, I love this post :)

agent713 said...

Aw! I love how you wrote this entry! And happy (now much belated) birthday!

agent713 said...

Aw! I love how you wrote this entry! And happy (now much belated) birthday!