Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Miss Kat's photos

When Miss Kat and I had to share a camera, I was always asking...no begging her to email me pictures to post on my blog. She always had the camera and the USB cord and never let me have it or the computer, so I resorted to begging.

Then she got her own camera and voluntarily emailed me these pictures.

"What are they of?" I asked. "The sunset." She replied.

"Any particular sunset? Anything special?"

"NO, I just thought they were pretty and I want you to put them on your blog."

I'm a good mother and always obey my daughter....so here they are!

This one is from Friday--right after it quit snowing. We got about 5 inches of snow which is the first significant snow we've gotten all winter. It will be gone by Friday.

Yes, the wind blew, and this is a shot of a drift. I need to ask where exactly this drift is...

On Saturday, we woke up to fog and everything was covered with hoarfrost. Kat took several shots of the frost. But I'm just sharing a couple. Above is frost on our bell and below is frost on one of the bushes. Cool, isn't it!

That's all the pictures I have today. Maybe Miss Kat will share more in the future. I hope so!


Anonymous said...

If she's not signed up for Photography. . . get her signed up, so she can take them to the fair!!! I think the frost on the bell would be a good one!!!

agent713 said...

They're beautiful! Keep it up Miss Kat! I love the hoarfrost ones!