Thursday, February 04, 2010

big families

Last night, while Kev was watching the KU basketball game, I watched the premier of 19 and counting. You know, the TLC show about the Dugger family with 19 kids. I like watching their show mainly to see how they cope. And, I admit, I'm fascinated in how such a large family operates. Maybe my fascination is because I know at least 3 families who don't believe in birth control; or, maybe my fascination is due to envy. I've always wanted more siblings and even more children.

I have a cousin with 10 children. They stopped finally when the Dr told them that another pregnancy would kill Mom.

One of my classmates was the oldest of 7.

One of my friends in college was one of 21 children. Her dad had two wives. One had 14 children, the other "only" 7. But, their story was almost a soap opera...

One of the families in Colby had 13 children.

One of my best friends is the youngest of 9.

Funny...but most of the big families I knew were Catholics. The Duggers aren't, but then again, I only know them via TV, so I really don't know them at all!

Grandpa B was one of 12. My Dad is the youngest of 7. And Mom and Dad had 2, Me and Steve. That's it.

Steve is 11 months younger than I am. We're the same age for 9 days. Which is ok, but I always wanted a baby sister. I didn't want a baby brother, because brothers were nothing but trouble. They were annoying and mean and selfish and jerks and they got to do things that I couldn't do because I was a girl...boys were a big bother, that's why I wanted a baby sister. I'd beg Mom to give me a baby sister, but she never would. I prayed to God, asking for a baby sister. But neither one ever gave me a baby sister. So, I decided that when I grew up, I'd have 4 kids. Two and Two. Nothing else would work, and, since I always get what I want...that's what I would have.

Then I met Kev--who only wanted two kids. He's the middle child of 5 kids. I don't know if that has anything to do with his adamant decision for just two kids or not, but I knew that if I wanted him, I'd have to compromise on the number of kids I had. And, I did want him...and we only had two kids. And, I'm ok with that decision. We've been blessed with two healthy kids who (for the most part) are good kids. But, if he'd said, "ok, let's have a couple more" I'd have been all over that!

But I'm still fascinated by how large families work and function. I still somewhat envy big families because no child is ever lonely or left alone. There's always someone to talk to, or play with, someone to fight with, and especially someone to get in trouble with! Kids from big families tend to have lots and lots of stories about things they did together as kids. Maybe that's what I want the most, someone who can say "remember that time when we..."

Steve and I just don't do much of that. Our only story is "Remember that time Shell, when you chased me down the hall with a knife?"

And to hear that story, you'll just have to stay tuned. I might share it...someday.

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L.Howerter said...

I watched that show once... and they had a small segment about the father spraying his head with AquaNet hairspray... TONS of it. The mother talked a little about it... how much hairspray he goes through in a week.. it cracked me up so bad I could not even finish watching it, lol.