Wednesday, February 17, 2010

My Hoosier

This is probably my most prized possession. It belonged to my Grandma Woodruff. She used it at the farm, but when she used it, it was painted a minty/turquoise green. Kev and I brought it home and stripped it down to the wood. When we started stripping it, we discovered red and white enamel under the green. I'm guessing that originally, it was probably red and white.

Technically, it's called a Hoosier Cabinet. Everyone in the family just called it the Kitchen Cabinet. It was showing it's age, it had broken glass, the bread board was missing, the bottom drawer was cardboard, the tambour door were cracked and broken and the hinge to the top cabinet had been replaced with one that worked, but wasn't quite right. Still, it was in good enough shape that we knew we could repair and restore it. And, we did.

You will notice that there isn't a flour bin. Which makes me think that this is probably an early Hoosier, because every other Hoosier I've seen has a flour bin. I found the sugar jar, but there simply isn't a spot for a flour bin.

One unique feature of this Hoosier is the etched glass. One of the panels was broken, so Kev and I made a pattern and etched a new glass. Kev also made the tambour doors--because the old ones were shot. He did a pretty good job, but they still don't work very well.

Another unique feature of this cabinet is how the top attaches to the base. Most have a tin hinge, but this one has a block of wood and a long pin that goes from the top piece to the bottom.

Kev and I put new legs on the Hoosier last year. The original legs were gone, and Grandad had jerry-rigged a new base--a solid base make of a 2 x 4. When we went to put leg on, I ordered the only ones I could find made for Hoosier cabinet, however...they didn't fit. The original legs must have had a pin that went up into corner reinforcements and attached that way. So, we jerry-rigged our new legs to fit.

We spent a lot of time restoring the Hoosier, and we both take a lot of pride in this cabinet. I've got it decorated with old canning jars and other kitchen stuff. Inside, I keep Kevin's Grandma's china and other pretty dishes.

Like I said, it's one of my most prized possessions, not only for the work we put into it, but also because I can remember this cabinet being in Grandma' kitchen, and I remember her using it--every day. Just another tie to the past.

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agent713 said...

That's a really neat piece! I'm loving this "old crap" series (as you've so lovingly dubbed it ;))

I've told my mom that there are only two things of hers that I really want. One is the turkey platter...well, it's not only for turkey but that's what I normally remember it from. The other is her China cabinet. It's a pretty simple cabinet but I want it for the memories associated with it, much like your cabinet.