Friday, February 12, 2010

buttons and thread

Please excuse the dust.

These jars of buttons and thread were Grandma's. Most were found when we were cleaning out the drawers of the sewing machine cabinet laying loose and abandoned in the bottom of the drawers. Some were still on the cards; most were not. And we won't discuss how dusty and dirty most of them were. These two jars that the buttons are in were Grandma's too. One is a "Freezer jar" the other is just a jar that I thought was cool.

The tall jar is full of spools of thread--wooden spools only. Several spools were of variegated thread--something you don't see any more in a thread. (see the pink thread at the top of the jar? that's one of the variegated spools.) I have more spools of thread. This jar held most, but I've got more! Most are wooden spools, several are Styrofoam and some plastic.

Should I say that I found about 6 large spools of modern white thread and probably as many of black? Those, I've got segregated for any sewing I might do. (And members of my family are laughing hysterically at the thought of me sewing...have I ever told you the story of the shirt I offered to mend for Kev? Yeah, he out grew it before I ever sewed up the hole in it...that's how often I sew anymore.)

I do like my little collection of buttons and spools...just another example of how I use old crap to decorate with.

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agent713 said...

That's funny. I was just scooping buttons and thread off the bottom of my hope chest this morning (as in, I hope I'll sew some day :P)