Tuesday, January 05, 2010

The end of year recap

Our computer died over the Christmas break. Miss Kat has been inconsolable. She's been at death's door without her computer. Andy had a USB wireless card which became the victim of a dog's foot, as he keeps his laptop on the floor when it's not in use. I wonder if this has convinced him that he needs to find a new home for the laptop?

Today, I'm running our family laptop in to the shop. I think our power cord/supply is all that died. I hope that's the case anyway. We had several brown outs and lost power on Christmas Eve, and I'm pretty sure that is when the computer died. I had planned to blog over break, but...you all know that I didn't!


Deer season ended on December 31. I went out several times, but was not successful for the second year in a row. I'm pretty bummed about that. Kev and I went out on the 29th and actually had 4 does come in within 50 yards of us. Unfortunately, Kev was sky lined. The does were fun for me to listen to. They were snorting and stomping their feet, knowing something wasn't right, but were unable to smell us. We walked out of the pasture following the trail they came in on and that is when we discovered that Kev was sky lined amongst the sagebrush. It was a good end to the season--actually having deer come in like I wanted them to, and getting to listen to them. (I couldn't see the deer as I was behind a different sage brush than Kev. He could see the deer, all I could do is listen and watch Kev and hope that one would come around on my side.)

I am thinking about getting a rifle permit next year. I still want to bow hunt, but dang, hunting on the wide open prairie is much different than hunting from a tree stand along a river among trees!

We spent several wonderful days with family and friends over the holidays. Miss Kat got to go to Colby for 4 days. I made a flying trip up to get her and didn't get to see everyone I wanted to see, but there was a storm coming in, and I wanted to get back home safe and sound. Turned out that we didn't get anything from that storm...but with Kansas weather, one never knows.

Shay-on and Lynn Dale both came down to visit with us. Shay-on and I spent time shopping and cross stitching and reading and talking and eating and...well, we just had a good time. Lynn Dale and Kevin went coyote hunting. They used the 4 wheelers and had a ball. They only got one coyote, but did call several in, so they were happy. We did get to play cards. And Shay-on and I actually won! We did! We won a game by 1 point...and, no I wasn't keeping score.

I am infamous for not keeping score correctly and if the guys win a hand, they might lose 100 points, or we might go set and gain 100 points...or so... This time, Shay-on kept score, and she was accurate and we WON! 99.99% of the time, Kevin and Lynn win every game. I swear they can read each others mind and know what cards each other has. It gets rather annoying, losing all the time!

We went out to Dodge City's new casino. The plan was to eat at the restaurant there (we've heard good reviews), but...once we were told the almost empty restaurant had a 2 hour waiting time for seating, we decided to go elsewhere. Besides, the casino was noisy and smoky and not really my cup of tea. We probably won't go back.

I didn't have any big "home improvement" projects this holiday break. Spent a lot of time just relaxing, which I enjoyed tremendously!

2010 is here and I look forward to another year of change and exciting times for myself and the family.

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