Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Campin photos

None of these photos were taken by me. I've asked (nicely) Miss Kat to upload my photos, but she hasn't. Don't have a photo here of Miss Kat or of Sharon...mainly the guys...that's weird! Kev, Me, Andy and Austin sittin' around the campfire.
Cody, Steve, Lynn Dale and Kev. Maybe Sharon is "Up the hill" using the facilities. Miss Kat is behind the camera.

Austin, Cody and their Dad, Steve.

Kev took this shot of the other 4 hikers. The guys traditionally walk the Snake River, fishing all day. We drop them off at one end and 7-10 hours later, pick them up at the other end of the river. Rough country in between. I've walked it once and would like to do it again. You literally have two mountains come down with the river in the middle. Many times throughout the hike, your flattest hike is in the water. And frequently, you can't walk in the water, so you are walking with your feet angled. This trip was Austin and Cody's first time to hike. The adults deemed them to small until this year. In this photo, you have Andy, Cody, Steve and Austin.

Just a small group of sheep that were in the mountains with us. Cody took this shot on our hike up to the Elkhorn mine. We were a little concerned as we walked through the sheep. We weren't sure how the LGD's would react and watched them carefully. We did NOT want them to think we were a threat to the sheep. No problems, but we did leave our dogs in camp.

This is Hahn's Peak. We camped north of of the mountain. You can see lots of dead pine trees in this shot. Believe me, this area has been hit hard by the Pine beetles.


agent713 said...

Looks like a fun trip! Thanks for the photos :) What are LGD's?

Shelljo said...

LIvestock Guardian Dogs. They are raised with the sheep from the time they are weaned (and sometimes earlier). They view the sheep as their pack and protect them. If wolves or coyotes try to take a sheep--the LGD's attack and fight them off.