Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Mom's Cooking

Here it is...finally finished. "Mom's cooking" (the actual title. I keep calling this Mom's Kitchen, or something along those lines.) First up is a closeup of about 1/2 of the finished project. Note that the size of the chicken wire changes. Gives the picture depth.

And the full project. It's 9 x 22. Stitched on 28 ct. Luguana. Off white. Some I've had for years. I like to buy a yard at a time and then cut what I need for various projects. This finished off my yard, so I need to get more.

I think I'll ask Kev to make me a frame out of barn wood. And then I'll have to find somewhere in the kitchen to hang this. Which means I might have to rearrange some of my "old crap". That would just be too bad... I've found a real red handled rolling pin to use as an accessory, but I'd really like to find a flour jar and green cup/salt shaker, etc. and I need to find an egg beater.

But, I promised that I'd post pictures, and I did. Now I just need to decide what my next project will be...right now, I'm in a reading frame of mind, (and a laundry/cleaning up the camper frame of mind). But, there will be other projects...I promise!

(Photos by Miss Kat)


Karin said...

Oh Shelly, that's fabulous! I know how much work went into that - I'm a former cross stitcher - who is now inspired to pull it out again! Now put that book down and start stitchin! I want to see more!

agent713 said...

I love it!