Tuesday, July 06, 2010

The weekend in brief...

No chicken posts this week! Aren't you glad?

It's Tuesday. I had a 4 day weekend. It was great! On Friday, I finished stitched "Mom's Cooking", which I also call "Mom's kitchen" quite frequently. I'll post a picture soon. PROMISE. I started stitching it Easter weekend, and finished on July 3. Not bad. Since we are going camping this next week, I'm just going to either take a break from stitching, or take along some bookmark patterns. Once we get home, I think I'll stitch up some more tea towels or maybe some pillowcases. I'm fairly positive it will be embroidery work instead of cross stitching for a little while. I need a break!

On Saturday, Miss Kat and I ran in to Dodge with Kev. It was his weekend to cover the hospital, and we "carpooled" to hit the stores while he was working. Then we ran home and unloaded the groceries and put them away. We got a lot of camping groceries but, like always, I need more. And, once again, we got home, fresh from the store and wondered what we were going to have for supper!

Kev and I then ran down to Mom's. She bought a new air conditioner (Window unit) and wanted it installed. It has been sitting on her porch for 3 weeks...I'm not real sure why the rush to get it installed, after all the 30 year old one still worked! But, Kev came down and he and Dad managed to get it installed without any trouble. Kev did comment that the new one was lots lighter than the old one. Of course it's been cool and rainy since we installed it, so I'm not sure how well it works for Mom.

After installing the AC, we ran out to the Hill. Dad helped Kev pick up a couple of stock panels while Mom and I ran out to check the Sand-hill plums. There's a thicket of plums down near the new well in the pasture. We decided to walk, thinking it wasn't that far down there. We kept rounding "corners" of the draw thinking the plums were right there, but they were always "around the next bend."

We finally got to them. And found several ripe and almost ripe plums. Since it's been a wet year, the plums are HUGE! We walked back, and made plans to pick them on Monday. Kev and I got home around 8:30 Saturday night. I ran to take a bath and found 2 ticks on my leg. Both were busily robbing me of blood, but we got them plucked and gave them a nice alcohol christening before sending them down the toilet.

The 4th was a nice quiet day. We started getting the camper ready to go and then we went to Ford to a 4th party. It's our first invitation to a party since moving. We had a nice time and were home by 10 and watched Bucklin's fireworks from our front porch. Kat and a friend watched from town (you know teenage girls, they had to see who was there and they needed to be seen too!) Andy was in Minneola with a friend. Our first fireworks alone...so romantic...

Yesterday, Kev ran to work and I drove to Mom's to pick plums. Kev called and said it was dumping rain on him. (Found out later that Dodge got 7.5 inches of rain in 24 hours.) I hit the rain a few minutes later. Yes, it dumped! It didn't, however, rain at Mom's. So, we ran out to pick plums.

We doused ourselves with OFF, and made sure we had gloves and then we tackled the plum thicket. An hour later, we'd decided that we enjoyed picking plums a lot more when Dad does the picking.

We were cut up and bruised, but we had 2.5 gallons of plums! Of course many fell to the ground before landing in our bucket. And the bushes were thick, full of tumbleweeds and soaking wet. My clothes were soaked. To top it off...we forget to put on the gloves, so we have cuts and splinters in my hands. I think Sand-hill plum jelly is worth the effort...but it IS much nicer when Daddy picks the plums.

Kev and I spent the afternoon cleaning the camper and making that final list of stuff we need to pack/do before leaving on Friday. Then, we'll be off to Steamboat for a week! I can't wait!

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Karin said...

I am so envious of your sandhill plums! And talk about rain! WOW! Ya'll really did get dumped on - we had almost 3" here at the house and I thought that was a lot! Can't wait to see your stitching project! I was addicted to cross stitching years ago - might have to pick up a new piece sometime soon. Ya'll have a safe and fun trip later this week!