Monday, July 19, 2010

Quick camping facts

We got home from the Mountains late Saturday night.

Our campsite was at 8500 feet.

The temperature most mornings was in the low 40's. The morning high was 49, morning low was 39.

We had frost one morning.

We cooked all our meals over the campfire. The menfolk did more than their share of the cooking.

We did dishes over the campfire too--with creek water.

We used paper plates, so there weren't many dishes to wash.

Lots of card games took place in the evenings. I even won a few--but only when I played with the kids.

The guys spent all but one day fishing.

Kev found some bear scat which made him a wee bit nervous.

The sheep were there, sharing the valley with us. The sheepherders don't speak English... neither do the LGD dogs--Great Pyrenees. They didn't like our dogs.

Our dogs spent lots of time in the camper.

This was the first time we didn't have sheep poop in our campsite.

The hike up to the Elkhorn mine was fun, but there's not much oxygen up there and this gal really noticed the lack thereof.

Physical fittness is wasted on the youth.

It was fabulous not being the only adult female on the trip, and sharing our trip with Sharon.

EVERYTHING makes Lynn Dale fart.

The kids have finally gotten old enough not to fall for Lynn's "Pull my finger" line.

It didn't stop Lynn.

Afternoon temperatures got to the mid 80's.

The flies were more annoying than the mosquitoes.

We saw evidence of the Pine Beetle infestation. Lots and lots of dead trees in the forest.

Some of our favorite trees are now dead.

There's no cell service where we were. I didn't miss it. Miss Kat did. Anytime we went down the Mountain, she'd be texting at rapid speeds.

Not one person texted me while we were gone.

I was very proud of my kids. They didn't fight for one entire week. Well, until the ride home that is...but still...

Somehow, Miss Kat is the only person who didn't do any cooking. Even Austin and Cody, my 13 year old nephews, cooked.

Miss Kat can do dishes over the campfire--even if she didn't want to!

I took 4 books. Read 3.

I took one cross stitch project. It never left it's bag.

Sharon and I talked non-stop from Colby to Steamboat...and then some. We also talked non-stop on the way home--after spending a week together...talking!

On the way up, we had to deal with idiot bicyclists from Denver.

On the way home, we had to deal with a bigger number of idiot bicyclists from Steamboat.

The Steamboat bikers cost us an hour in drive time.

Kev says we saw 875,000 bicyclists between Steamboat and Kremmling.

We managed not to hit a single bicyclist...even those who didn't follow proper biking safety and rules of the road.

When we left Ks, the temperature was in the 80's. We got home to temps over 100. We much preferred Mountain temperatures.

We had a great time and don't want to wait another 5 years before going back.

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Karin said...

Sounds like heaven to me! Isn't it funny how men will willingly and eagerly cook when camping? I am envious - that sounds like my kind of vacation!