Monday, March 07, 2011

A day trip

Kevin and I took a quick trip to Wichita on Saturday. We've kind of made it a tradition to go to the Wichita Garden Show since we've moved here. Kevin is our gardener. He likes to play outside with his pond and yard and the green house and garden. Me? I like to watch him play outside, but somehow, I always get roped into helping.

Now, if I could get flowers to grow like this in our area, I would. I love ground cover with lots of color. Kev made me take pictures of every waterfall there.

The Theme for the garden competition this year was "In the movies". We saw the "Secret Garden," "Up," Mr. Miagi's Courtyard," (From "The Karate Kid"), "Avatar" and "Jurassic Park."

Guess which one he lived in. It was also the most popular exhibit there. Long lines all day long.

Kev really liked this small waterfall on this ONE rock. I told him he could probably find a rock this big to use at home, but he informed me that he'd need a bigger tractor to move a rock this big. And then, he proceeded to stop at every single tractor vendor there and look at bigger tractors. Did I mention that I have ONE payment left on our tractor?

We always have fun at the Garden Show. After we left there, we walked through Gander Mountain...and didn't buy a thing! Then, lunch at Red Lobster followed by a trip to Lowe's where I picked out some pretty new garage doors. We priced them and decided that we didn't like those garage doors after all.
Our final stop was at the local antique mall. We made it around the outside edges of the store and bought my Dad a birthday present and ourselves a small copper skillet to hang on the wall. We decided we'd have to go back because we saw a lot of cool stuff.
It was a nice day trip and it was nice to get away and just do something fun for a change. No pressure to buy anything, we didn't have anywhere we had to be, so we just saw what we wanted to see, went where we wanted to go and had a nice time...just the two of us.

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Dirt Road Quilter said...

Sounds like a fun day! Tell Kevin that I have a tractor and he's welcome to use it if he'll help me landscape. I want a water fall/pond too. Might be a problem with the distance though, huh?