Friday, March 25, 2011

Sage Green

I've always been very good at putting colors together. Such as paint colors. Over the many years that I've decorated various houses and painted rooms, I've been happy with just about everything...until this house. I have always wanted a room that was painted a pretty sage green. I attempted a nice sage-y color for my kitchen, but it's much brighter than sage. But, I liked the color, so left it.

Last year, I painted our room another "sage-y" color...and hated it. In this photo below, it looks pretty pastel and soft, but in reality, it was almost florescent. I kid you not, that room could glow in the dark. Here's another view--it's a little darker looking on this wall but isn't sage and isn't a soothing color at all.

I re-painted our bedroom last week. This time, I chose Glidden's Olive Green. I liked it, Kevin liked it too, so it was a winner. And I love it. It's much darker, but warm and very soothing.

It goes well with our furniture and our bedding. I'm much happier, and... I think I'm over Sage green.

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