Thursday, March 10, 2011

The Hoosier, part 2

Remember this? It's my Hoosier Cabinet that was my Grandma Woodruff's.

On Saturday, while Kev and I were wandering around the antique mall in Wichita, we found one exactly like mine...

Well, kinda. It didn't have the enamel top, but the original glass was intact and the tin bread drawer, but it didn't have the sugar bowl, spice rack or rolling pin rack.

But whoever had "restored" it had used the ugliest cabinet handles. They were from the '70's and were the ugliest and stupidest handles I've seen. Oh, and they'd put a new back on...1970's paneling. It was simply lovely...not.

But, we did discover the manufacturer. Klemp Furniture of Leavenworth, Kansas. I tried to research Klemp Furniture online, but struck out. But, at least I know the manufacturer.

And, as an interesting side note to Kev and I...the unit in the mall didn't have legs. So we wondered if maybe they originally didn't have legs, because Grandad had raised mine by 4 inches with 2 x 4's attached to the base. A mystery. Maybe we'll find another one--one which was restored more accurately.

If we don't find another one, at least I now know something about my beloved Hoosier.


kitchenotis said...

Amazing - my daughter-in-law just bought one like this at an auction near Leavenworth last week. I wish I could see the stuff in your cabinet more clearly. I don't know if she has all the pieces. She paid $95.00!! How much was the one in the store?
Have contacted a person in Leavenworth that has restored a pre-Civil War era home. If he knows something, I'll let you know. Christi

kitchenotis said...

My daughter-in-law just bought one like this at an auction near Leavenworth last week!! Also Klemp. I wish I could see your picture closer up to see what it is loaded with.
How much was the one in the shop? Her's was $95.00!
I have contacted a person in Leavenworth that has restored a pre-Civil War house. He may have some info. If so, I'll let you know.

Shelljo said...

The one we saw was $300. I have the sugar jar, the spice rack and the rolling pin rack. I do not have the tin bread drawer--it had been re"built" out of cardboard by my Grandad. DH built a wooden drawer. I was missing the bread board as well. But, in the lower cabinet, the pull out drawer was there as was the lid rack.

Anonymous said...

Have one I am rebuilding. I use that term instead of restore as it will be impossible to restore. Missing to many parts. Someone "restored" it before I got it. It is a Klemp. Different layout of doors and drawers but still has Klemp Leavenworth Kansas tag. Mine is painted white and don't think it was ever stained. I also tried to find information on company but could not.

Anonymous said...

I just bougth a Klemp at the Antique Mall in Wichita. It is not the same because it has the spice and rolling pen rack. Original glass one is cracked. Knobs are ugly. Hinges and latches original but one latch doesnt work. I have been wanting one for years. This has a wood table.

Dan Walter said...

I have a little older one in Manhattan, Kansas. Just below the upper cabinets it has a set of 4 shallow drawers, then a rounded bottom drawer, an open shelf, and another rounded bottom drawer. I found out Klemp Furniture burned down in the 1950s. Their are still some direct relatives that live in Leavenworth.