Thursday, March 24, 2011

Spring & babies

It's spring and babies are abundant at our house these days...

These girls are NOT babies.
Now, these girls are babies.
25 Buff Orpington Chicks, who will someday look just like those biddies above. They arrived last Wednesday and are enjoying their nice big, new brooder that Kev made. They're also in the nice clean chicken house that got cleaned out just a few hours before they arrived. Word of advice: Don't clean out your chicken house when the wind is blowing 20-30 mph. No matter how hard you try to stay upwind, you won't, and you will have chicken "litter" in your hair, in your eyes, in your nose and even in your mouth.
Right now, I also have these precious babies.

Except they aren't so precious anymore. They are now 2 weeks old. In these pictures, they are just a week old. But now, they are bigger, they drink their bottles better and faster, and they twine themselves around my legs and feet and cry for me all the time. But they are still cute. And I'm not keeping them. They belong to some friends of mine who were a little overwhelmed with bottle babies this spring. So, they are only mine until they're weaned.

For the first few days, I kept them in the garage and took them outside when it warmed up. Emily followed them around, smelling, mothering, and being annoying--to me. I don't think she bothered the goats much.

The kids are now living in the chicken house with the chicks and chickens. The hens really don't enjoy having these energetic kids around all the time, but the kids don't mind; they enjoy chasing those old biddies!
We also have at least two cats who've had kittens. I haven't gone looking for them, but I hear them everytime I'm in the shop.
Spring and babies...they just go together.

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