Thursday, May 22, 2008

Can someone tell my why I love this man?

On Sunday evening, Kev got a call from his boss telling him that he'd have a short day on Monday and that he'd have Wednesday off. It's slow at the clinic and at the hospital right now. Kev didn't have a problem with that, and I didn't either. I was taking 4 days off, and to have him home with me, without the kids...well, that was wonderful!

Then, on Tuesday afternoon, he called and said he'd have to work after all on Wednesday. I was disappointed, but understood. This has happened twice before, Kev thought he had a day off, but wound up not getting it because they'd admitted more patients and got busy enough for him to work.

So, on Wednesday morning, the alarm went off at 6 a.m., like usual. Kev got up, like usual. I dozed off, like usual. I decided to get up around 7 and wandered out into the living room where Kev was watching the news, like usual. I sat down on the couch and sat there about 5 minutes or so, when I realized that it was time for him to leave, and that he was wearing sweats, not work clothes.

Looking at him, I said, "You liar. You don't have to work, do you?"

Kev grinned and said, "That's not nice, what makes you think I don't have to work?"

Me--"Because it's time to go and you are still sitting there in your sweats. You liar."

He just laughed and told me that he loved me being gullible!

Why do I love this...person who would so easily lie to me?

Here's another situation....

Last night, after a long day of planting in the garden and painting, Kev and I were snuggling on the couch. My legs were draped across his, and he was gently rubbing my feet and calves. Out of the blue, he says "I should be out doing some kind of woodworking."

Confused, I said, "why?"

He replied, "Well, there's enough stubble on your legs to sand the roughest piece of wood I've got!"

Now, is that nice? No, it's not. This is my life. Now, why do I love this man? I will never know.

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agent713 said...

LOL That's guys for you!