Thursday, May 22, 2008


Right now, I'm sitting on my couch--wearing nuthin' but my robe at the late, late hour of 8:21 a.m. I ran out and let the chickens out, they were very happy about that, but sad that I didn't take the time to toss them some scratch grain. It's just too windy to toss around scratch grain when you are only wearing a robe and the wind likes to whip it up and around in the air. Too much traffic on our dirt road for that nonsense; and I'm sure the folks who might drive by and see me outside in my robe, with it blowing all about are grateful that I didn't take the time to toss grain!

I had 14 days of vacation to take by July 1. I've taken 4. Still need to take 10. And, as usual, when I take time off from work, it means more work for me. when we moved into this house, I hated the fact that all the walls were white. So, for six months, I've been trying to decide what color to paint the living room and the dining/kitchen area. I finally decided. I painted the living room a pale yellow. Paler than I usually do, but it's a nice golden color. I then picked out "rosemary green" for the kitchen/dining room. It's very green. The kids came home last night and told me it was very avocado green. Now, they aren't from the 70s, so they don't know that by using the phrase "avocado green" they sent tremors up and down my spine. It's NOT avocado green, but it's in that color family. It's brighter than the 70's avocado, but o my, it's a big bold move for me. I thought it was more of a sage green, but it's too dark and has too much of a yellowish undertone to be sage. Part of it for me, is that I usually use a satin finish, but picked the more washable semi-gloss for the kitchen. It's pretty bright, and I think that's the cause of some of my unease. But, I do like the color, and I like the statement.

Curtains are next on the list. (well, today, I have to touch up that green, and do a second coat.) But, I have a problem...the curtains in the kitchen are a gingham. A Navy and Cream gingham. I'm not sure it will go with my green. And, many of my accessories have lots and lots of blue. Not sure how they will look against that green. I'll play and see how it goes. But, I imagine I will be looking for fabric to go with my green walls and then, I'll have to make some curtains.

The living room had nasty transom drapes in the lovely color of burgundy. I hated them and they didn't match a thing. So, down they came. I think I'll just use the mini-blinds that are here and lose the curtains. Kev hung up the big-screen TV above the fireplace, which we like. And that allowed us to re-arrange the furniture, which we REALLY like. We've got a short, narrow living room, and furniture arrangement has been a challenge since day one.

some day, I need to learn how to actually "vacation" when I take a vacation.

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agent713 said...

"some day, I need to learn how to actually "vacation" when I take a vacation."

No kidding. You are busy!