Wednesday, May 07, 2008


It's a beautiful day. It's raining! I love rain. It would be more perfect if I was at home enjoying the rain from my house instead of at work, but it's raining. I love rain.

I love the sound of rain on the roof. I love the smell of rain. I love gentle rain, without wind and thunderstorms and lightening. That's the kind of rain we have at this minute, it's falling straight down, gentle, soft...sigh.

I think I like rain so much because it's almost a rare item these days. We've been in a drought for so long that all rain is seen as a blessing.

I'm taking two days off this week, tomorrow and Friday. Not sure what I'll do with two days to myself, but I think I will work on that last room in the house that is still stacked high with boxes and is totally unorganized. I've been wanting to tackle it, and think I will tomorrow. Of course, tomorrow, I also have to bake a birthday cake and make Carmel frosting for the first time ever. Mr. Andy turns 17. He's so gunning for unlimited texting. (Don't spill the beans yet, but he's getting it!) He also wants steak for supper, but since we are out of beef, he'll have to pick something else. Maybe I'll offer to cook venison steak instead... Miss Kat has her last track meet (I hope it's the last, we thought the one she had last Thursday was her last track meet.) She's mentally ready to be done, primarily because she has miss so many gymnastic lessons. So, my evening will be busy, with track meet and Andy's birthday supper.

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agent713 said...

I love rain too...and we're not in a drought!

Enjoy your days off!