Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Chicken mansion pictures part 2

The finished chicken mansion. Except Kev says it isn't finished. He says he has t build me better steps, and put the nesting boxes in, and make a better roost. Probably a double decker roost. The top little cupola on the house has fiberglass tinted window in it, for more light in the summer. Chickens need lots of light to lay eggs year round. See the little chicken door? And the window? And their ramp up to the door? And, yes, the trim will be that bright green. Shut up! I like it even if Kev says it looks like Christmas frosting on a gingerbread cookie. I'm thinking of putting up some kind of decorations above the chicken door, to pretty up the place. Cause we all know that women like their house to be pretty. Here's a close up of the chicken door. Andy didn't open it up all the way today, but the girls can get out just fine. This is a close up of the deck that we made for the girls to sunbathe on. Kev thought that every mansion needed a deck.
This last shot is of the girls on the catwalk. They like to strut their stuff and gossip. They just "cheep, cheep, cheep, pick a little, talk a little" (Name THAT musical!) The catwalk is also salvaged from Grandad's farm. I'm thinking it must have been in one of the closets as holding shelves, cause that has to be what all those strips were for. It sure makes handy steps for the chickens.
I'm pretty proud of the chicken mansion. We used a lot of salvaged wood in it, and I'm just tickled that it's finished. The girls hope you enjoyed the tour! And, they told me to say "Y'all come back now, hear?"

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