Sunday, April 06, 2008

Prom Night

Last night was Prom. Kev and I had volunteered to help prepare the meal and to serve the meal. We (I) wound up staying to clean up too.

Yesterday was a busy day. We both had to work, then had to be at the school by 4 to begin cooking the meal for the Juniors and Seniors. I'm not sure how many pounds of potato's we cut up, but I think it was 50 lbs. Two big pots of potatoes that were peeled by others and cut up by Kev and I. The menu consisted steaks (grilled by another dad); corn, salad, mashed potatoes with "make your own sundaes" for dessert.

I have to say, we parents cooking were all rather lost, there didn't seem to be anyone in charge, other than the Jr. Class sponsor, and she had to leave early to go home and get ready for the Prom. So, we muddled on. We did ok, except the potatoes took to long to cook, so the meal was slightly late getting served. Kev and I were so busy working on those potatoes that we didn't serve, but there were plenty of parents who did. After the meal, we helped clean up some, then I ran Kev home so he could watch THE GAME. (The KU/UNC game for those non-basketball people.)

I went back to watch the promenade. The promenade is where all the kids who attend Prom are announced and walk onto the stage and pose so the community can see the girls dresses and see basically how nicely they kids clean up. I didn't see any kid's unescorted, so apparently, all kids who attend prom here have dates.

(I would have been up a creek, because I never had a date--just my friend Ranae. We went "Stag" together. In fact, very few kids who went to my prom HAD dates.)

Andy looked very nice. His date's dress was very pretty. Seeing him, all dressed up in a tux made me very proud. And, a little sad. There was plenty of laughter at the young man wore a tux that exactly matched his date's dress. Neon Orange. Complete with top had, tails and cane. Even his shoes were orange. You could say that he "stood out from the crowd." This young man's best friend dressed in contrast to his date's dress. This young man wore a baby blue tux, with tails, top hat and cane...but his date's dress was yellow. Another young man wore a white tux, but no top hat. Andy says that maybe next year, he'll look for a camouflage tux...we'll see!

After the promenade, I ran back to the kitchen and helped finish the clean up. The kids wasted a lot of food...I have a real problem wasting food and hated seeing all those potatoes--that Id made--wind up in the trash. I know there were over 30 steaks left over too. Fortunately, they weren't tossed, but given to the After-Prom group who were going to cut them up into strips and serve them as finger food.

I got home around 8:30. Andy got home around 3:45. No, I didn't stay up. I did hear him come in. He had a good time. Another milestone achieved. Another step towards his independence reached. Another step away from his parents and one closer to adulthood...

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