Tuesday, April 15, 2008


Today is my anniversery. We've been married 13 years today. At times, it seems like we've been together forever, at other times, it seems like yesterday when we decided to share our lives together, for the rest of our lives.

This morning, Kev actually remembered the date before I did. But, then again, he's awake and alert instantly, me--not so alert. My anniversery gift for both of us is a new TIVO for the Living Room. THis one will allow you to run two TV's off one receiver and record from both TV's while watching a different channel. We have one TIVO in the bedroom, but we won't let the kids use it to record and we aren't as good about watching TV in bed as we thought we would.

I don't know if he got me a gift or not, and it really doesn't matter, because he doesn't have to buy me something to show me he loves me. He shows me all the time how he feels.

Building me a chicken house shows me he loves me, because really the chickens are mine. Yes, Kev enjoys the chickens, he enjoys watching them and he enjoys the fresh eggs, but building a chicken house has taken considerable time and effort on his part. Yes, I've been helping him, but the majority of the work has fallen to him.

Moving shows me he loves me. He was willing to just up and move after living in Colby for 30 years--because I was unhappy in my job and I wanted to someday, be closer to my family. The only family we had in Colby was the family we made together and the family of friends we "allowed" to enter our lives.

Kev's very affectionate. He's always touching me--my shoulder, my back, in public and at home. We spend a great deal of time together, just the two of us. We like being together and we don't have to have outside entertainment, we can entertain each other. The older I've gotten, the more I've realized how rare that is. We talk to each other--real conversations, real observations. We share the good and the bad about our days. We share the frustrations and the joys of our work, and family with each other. I've grown to really enjoy our drives to work together. Some days, we're quiet, other days, we talk.

I often feel that I need to do more to show Kev how special he is to me and how much I love him. Because, I often feel that he's better showing me than I am him. I suck at buying him gifts. I worry too much about it being something he likes, and I can't spontaneously buy him a gift. But, he also sucks at being a gracious gift-receiver. So, that balances out. I like to show him how special he is by cooking him special meals or stepping out of my comfort zone and actually wear that nightie on occassion. I worry too much about NOT looking sexy or being slim, trim, and firm. And, he always makes me feel like I'm the most beautiful and sexy woman on the face of this earth.

Anyway...it's our anniversery today. Thirteen happy years, two beautiful and good kids, a home we are creating together, a shared faith, and joy in each other.

Happy Anniversery Babe!

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