Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Miscellaneous photos

These two shots are of the "Chicken Mansion" in progress. You will notice that the Mansion is elevated, or not sitting on the ground. That's so the chickens can find some shade in the summer heat. There aren't any real significant trees here, and they will need some shade come summer. That's Kev on the roof. The Chicken mansion is almost complete. In fact, the chickens are living in it. I'll get more pictures of it before the interior is covered with chicken poop. (too late!)

This is the view of our house from the general vicinity of the Chicken Mansion. It's an ok house. Our summer project is to landscape the yard. The house has been here for 10 years and no one had really landscaped the yard much. Kev plans on putting in a pond and stream and whatnot...

This one if on Mr. Andy and his date at Prom. No, it's not a full view, but you get what you get. Remember, I said, Miss Kat took most of these photos--and she definitely took this one of her big brother. Doesn't he clean up nicely?

That's it for the photos--right now, today. The rest of the 217 photos were of Miss Kat and her friends...well, not all, a few are of Prom decorations. Let's be honest here, I did not scroll through all 217 photos to find the ones I wanted.

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