Wednesday, April 30, 2008

blogs and bunnies

Yes, I'm playing. I love the background, but lost all my little "extras." I'm trying to figure out how to get them back, but am not having much luck. (I knew I should have paid attention that 1980 something when we were studying HTML coding...o yeah, it didn't EXIST in 1980 something when I was in school!)

I could restore the old template, but this one is so cute.

Speaking of home last night early. Kev and I discussed our rabbits, well, I talked, he listened. But, I suggested we move them out of the shop because they need more light than they get there, and that they need access to fresh grass and weeds and such and that maybe the reason the female hasn't kindled yet was because they didn't get much light, and so on and so forth.

Kev said he'd investigate moving their pen, or something to get them outside (real motivation isn't to please me, he just wants the space for himself.)

Anyway...I went out to feed and to play with the kittens (and to check them for ticks.I swear, we have more ticks here. I'm gonna have to buy some Guineas.) While I was out there, I checked on the rabbits too. Miss Kat was at a track meet, so it was my job to feed and water. Low and behold, Romeo, the female (hey, I didn't name her,) had made a nest. She had pulled so much hair, it looked like it snowed in her cage, and under her cage, and around her cage.

So, I quietly fed her extra, gave her clean and fresh water and gave her a treat of hen-bit (it's a weed). I gave some to the male too (but don't ask me his name, cause I can't remember. It's something like cuddles or something gender-neutral, unlike poor Romeo.) This morning, Miss Kat said she thought there were babies there, but they were covered up with fur and she didn't want to disturb them.

Romeo had babies last fall, but at that time, she was sharing her cage with that other rabbit, who's name I can't recall. Anyway, one of them killed all the babies and she didn't make a nest last fall and I didn't know she was even pregnant then. (I didn't know she was pregnant this time either, but I HAD given them ample opportunity one spring day when I took them out to a joint pen so they could "play".)

We'll see how this goes. Romeo could kill them all today, or tomorrow, or even next week. I hope not, I'd like to actually have baby bunnies to play with. But that does give me a whole new problem...what to do with extra rabbits. I know what Kev will suggest (food) and I know what Miss Kat will say (NO!) But, we won't count our rabbits before they are (hatched? cooked? grown?) And, Kev doesn't have to rush around and rig up a new least until Mom Romeo needs more space for her new larger family, in about, oh, 2 weeks.

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