Friday, May 16, 2008

In memory of...

Mr. Peter Cottontail didn't make it. We found him in the nest, but he was gone. Kat thought he was sleeping, and I think he was probably alive in the morning, but had died by evening time. I really hoped he would make it. I'm guessing that he died of exposure, or shock, or internal injuries, or maybe starvation. If Mom refused to feed him after his little excursion because he smelled like dog, or something strange, well, that would do it. They aren't weaned yet, and need their mama.

Miss Kat was heartbroken. Have to admit that I was to. I'm a softie for babies of any sort...well, not baby snakes. ick. But, this bunny had the cutest coloring and I really wanted it to make it. Sometimes, having animals is hard.

Luckily, the remaining 5 are healthy and bouncing all over the place now. No, I still haven't taken pictures. We had a band concert last night and then planted a tree, so no time for pictures.

The neat aspect about the band concert was that the 6th and 7th graders from Greensburg came over and played with the Bucklin kids. The second neat aspect as that it was over by 7:30! (That was Kev's favorite part.) Our band teacher teaches band for both school systems, and they sounded really good! I wonder if we'll have to drive over to Greensburg sometime for a band concert...once they get their school rebuilt that is. (Remember, Greensburg is the community that was wiped out by a tornado last year. Believe me, there is still NOTHING there. A very few houses, but there's NOTHING there.)

Anyway, we had the concert last night, then Kev and I worked on planting our Apple tree. It was very root bound, and we wanted to get it into the ground. We decided to just remove one of the trees that didn't make it through the winter and put the apple tree in it's spot.

Easier said than done. The tree was dead, but the trunk was still pretty tough and it had pretty good roots and the idiots who planted it left it in the wire basket it came in, so the roots had grown out of that basket and we had to work hard to get it dug out. I used the tractor to push and pull on the tree. We did finally get it, but I almost rolled the tractor once. Scared me half to death! I was using the bucket and let the rear wheels come up, and it was tipping too. We got it back on the ground OK, and I was much more careful after that. We got the tree out, but then had to get that root filled wire basket out. That was the more difficult part. But, it's out, and the apple tree is in. Maybe we'll live here long enough to get apples off this tree...

So, see, I was way too busy to take pictures.

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