Thursday, July 10, 2008

Does anyone have a kleenx?

Now, this really, really bothers me.

There's a kid here in the library. He comes in almost daily, as he's a football player and has to spend time studying in the library.

But this kid is constantly snorting and sucking snot back up in his nose. Every minute or so. For at least 2 hours. It's driving me crazy.

I so want to march over to him, hand him a Kleenex and tell him to quit snorting. He sounds worse than any pig I've been around. It's a sound that makes me flinch. I react as if it were chalk on a chalkboard. It just sends shivers down my spine, and my ears flinch. Yes, my ears actually hurt listening to this kid snort and suck. Sometimes it's short snorts, sometimes it's long snorts, but each one causes a physical reaction and I just get the heebie-jeebies...

I can't be out front when he's in here, it's too distracting. But, I can also hear him in my office!

Lord, help me, save me from dreaded snot suckers... Cause if he doesn't leave, I'm gonna kill him. soon. I really think I will.


Jody said...

You could just take a box of kleenex out and sit it on the table in front of him . . . you know I've done it before! ;)

Shelljo said...

yeah, but I'm not sure kleenex would help, and besides, he's bigger than me!