Wednesday, July 30, 2008


They say that women are always changing their minds.

Well, They don't live with Andy.

Who was going to go out for football this year, his Senior year, at Bucklin. He last played football when he was in 8th grade. But, Bucklin plays 8 man football while Colby played 11 man football. And, because of his size, and because he's now in a small town, They have been "after" him to play football this year.

Monday morning was the first day of football camp--which in my mind is just a fancy way of saying "practice." Andy had had a long weekend, and slept right through that early morning practice.

So, on Monday night, he decided that he wouldn't go out for football. Because, he didn't enjoy it way back in Middle School and, well, he just didn't think he wanted to do it. Fine with Kev and I. It means fewer games we have to go to and more free Friday nights to enjoy.

This morning, Andy was up and in the bathroom at 6:30 a.m. "What are you doing up," I asked.

His reply, "I'm going to Football Camp. I've never played 8 man, so I think I might go out after all."

Yeah, they say women change their minds all the time. They should live with a teenage boy.

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