Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Miss Kat's room


Finally--here's the photos of Miss Kat's bedroom. Bright green walls with a pink accent wall. Kat found the border and it matched her colors perfectly. Believe me, this is probably the cleanest her room's been in a very long time...

The following photo is looking the other direction, toward her bedroom door. The picture is one that my dear friend, Sharon cross stitched for her when she was a baby. The shelf is new and it's full of special items, as is the top of the dresser. Did you see the pink footprint? That's Kat's footprint. We decided to do something...silly! All in all, it's a unique room for a unique girl.

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agent713 said...

Yikes! Talk about going green! ;) I'm sure it looks beautiful IRL though.