Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Our idea of date night

We all hear how married couples need to make time for each other. Some couples have an established date night where they go out, or stay in. Just the two of them. Kev and I, we don't have a date night, but we do like to do lots of things together and we enjoy each other's company. Our dates very seldom cost us any money, but they are usually unique.

Like Saturday. On Saturday, we went down to the farm and played in the dirt and rocks. And, we had a great time!

See, Kev's putting in another pond. Actually, he's putting in two ponds, with a stream and a waterfall and whatever else he decides to do. And, there's lots of rocks around here, so we've been gathering rocks for the pond rather than buying them. We'll probably have to still buy some, but we are gathering as many as we can. While we are out walking along the dirt road, we'll pick up rocks from the side of the road. But on Saturday, we went to my Dad's farm and looked for rocks there.

The farm has lots of cleache soil, it's a type of clay/chalk soil. There are cleache rocks too, they are a soft rock, but do have lots of character. So we picked up some of the larger boulder size chunks for dry areas of the pond area. They won't hold up in the water, so we can only use these in dry areas. We did find some river rock and other nice rock down in the creek and along the side of the road near the creek. Then we drove back into the pasture to check out some of the red rocks and dirt.

Part of this project of Kev's includes putting steps into the hill, leading up to the front of the house. That's where the doorbell is, but no one ever put steps in to get people to come up and use the door bell. Most people come to the basement door and there's not a doorbell there. So, we are wanting to lead people upstairs to the main entrance of the house. For those steps, we are using big pavers and we needed some fill sand/dirt.

At the farm, what isn't cleache, is red dirt. There's a bank along one area of the creek that has washed out over the years, and has great fine sandy fill dirt. So, Kev and I dug some of that up and loaded up the back of the pickup with it. We probably had a good ton of rocks and dirt in the pickup.

On the way home, we found a patch of Sandhill Plum bushes with ripe berries. We stopped, picked some, then noticed we were standing in Poison Ivy! Needless to say, we stopped picking, but did take the time to dig up a couple of shoots to transplant at home. There's nothing better than Sandhill Plum jelly! I can't wait to make some!

To top off our day, we took Miss Kat with us to a Nut Fry. The local cafe had nuts for a Supper special. We love Nuts (or Calf Fries, or Mountain Oysters and technically testicles...whatever you want to call them...) Miss Kat had Chicken, but Kev and I dined on Nuts. And, tasty nuts they were too. (Andy didn't go with us, he was off playing basketball.)

So, other couples can go to the movies, or go to dinner, but for Kev and I, Saturday was a wonderful "date night". We spent time together, and we got to play and get dirty in the rocks, dirt, and poison ivy, and topped our day with a great meal. Can't beat that!

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