Tuesday, July 15, 2008

What I like...

One of the things I'm enjoying at our new home is the amount of wildlife we're seeing regularly. Last night, we had two Cranes flying around our place. I'm not sure if they were Sandhill Cranes or if they were Whooping Cranes. But, there they were, flying and makin' noise right near my chicken house. They caught my eye, and I waited to make sure they weren't hawks. Kev said he's seen them and thinks there must still be some water in the creek for them to be hanging out near our house.

We also have lightning bugs. Now, I know that might not be special to some, but we didn't have any in Colby. Not one. I never saw lightning bugs (or fireflies) in Colby. But, on still nights, the pasture around us looks like it's strung with twinkling Christmas lights. I've really enjoyed sitting outside, watching them light up the sky. As a kid, we'd catch them and stick the "lights" to our hands where they would glow. And, we'd catch them in jars and watch them blink on and off. My kids are too old to do that, but it's fun sitting with them on the porch, watching the lightning bugs.

Deer. We had deer at Colby, but seldom had any on our place. Here, we've had deer in the garden. Which isn't necessarily good, but, they seem to be more evident here than what we are used to.

We've got a couple of quail hanging around, and pheasant. No turkeys in our area, yet, we don't have enough trees. Haven't seen many coyotes, but we've heard some. And, I have been fortunate not to have seen many snakes. Certainly not any rattlesnakes. But, I'm watching out for them.

We have had oodles and oodles of frogs and toads and even turtles around the house. I just hate walking outside and catch a glimpse of something moving in the grass at my feet. So far, it's been a toad or frog. Kev's found some salamanders and a few lizards around, but neither one of us has seen a horny toad. That's one animal I'm eagerly watching out for. I used to love playing with horny toads. But, I haven't seen one in years.

But, I am enjoying all the wildlife we are seeing at our new home. It's nice and relaxing and it makes me feel special to share space with so many of God's creatures. That's something I really like.

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agent713 said...

I've never seen a lightning bug.