Thursday, August 28, 2008

big ole' honkin' zit

I am 44 years old. And, today, I have a big ole' honkin zit on my face. And it is really bugging me. I can see it if I look under my glasses, or if I look down at something. It's Huge!

Now why, why do I have a big honkin' zit? Haven't I outgrown them by now?

I thought zits disappreared when you hit that magic age of 20.

But they didn't.

Then I thought they'd disappear by the time I hit 30.

No such luck.

40? Surely by 40, that's middle age for cryin' out loud! No more zits at 40.

I'm shootin for 45. Surely, surely by then, I'll be done with zits.

With my luck, I'll be the only old lady in the nursing home with zits. Probably big honkin' zits. Nurses will point me out to my family by stating, "She's having trouble with her acne today, the poor dear."

I wonder if I'll care by then.

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agent713 said...

Ugh. My mom still deals with this too so I'm not holding out hope. Annoying isn't it?