Thursday, August 14, 2008

We're bad people

I'm a bad person. My family are also bad...

I'm sure many of you will gasp in shock and surprise.

See...we haven't watched any of the olympics.

That's really bad, isn't it. I think we're probably the only people in America who haven't watched one thing. Not one.

Well...I did catch a glimpse of the archery competition the other day when I went to pick Kev up, but he was ready to go, so all I caught was a glimpse, so it really doesn't count.

In our defense...we just haven't been watching TV.

Over the weekend, Miss Kat and I went shopping with Mom. No TV.

On Monday, I put up Peaches. No TV.

Tuesday night, I helped Kev do something outside. I think we messed with his ongoing pond project. No TV.

Last night, I did laundry, and looked for some paperwork that I need. (short version, haven't made a tractor payment in 2 months, cause we haven't gotten a monthly statement. I called the loan company, Kev called, and they can't find us in the system. Me, I lost the account number. But, they still can't find us. So what does that mean??? I'm trying to pay them, but they don't seem to want my money. So, I spent 3 hours going through every pile of paperwork we have, I found paperwork for vehicles we no longer own, paperwork on two houses we don't own, I found everything...but nothing on the tractor.)

So, anyway, no TV.

Call the cops, have us hauled away, cause we have to be Bad Americans simply because we aren't watching the Olympics.

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agent713 said...

I've caught a little bit of it but the only thing I planned to, and did watch was the opening ceremonies.