Monday, August 04, 2008

brushes with the Rodeo

We went to the rodeo again last night. It was the final night, so we saw who the winners were for all the events.

One highlight for me was seeing Miss Rodeo America, Amy Wilson. Amy is from Colby. She was a fellow 4-Her and she went to College at CCC and frequented the library where I worked. In fact, I helped her get a lot of her contest applications filled out--for both the Miss Kansas Rodeo and Miss Rodeo America. Yep, she won both of those contests all due to me helping her get her applications printed and returned in a timely fashion. She owes her fame to me!

Seriously, Amy is a beautiful young woman. She's one of 6 kids. One handsome brother and 4 sisters (who are all drop dead gorgeous. And, one is Andy's age. But would he "go" for her??? The kid has got to start letting his mother pick out his women!) Homeschooled. Devout Christian. Nice person. Pretty. Skinny. And, she's a super nice person too. Yeah, I hate her too.

The final event is the bull riding of course. Its most people's favorite event. Not mine, cause I've watched too many guys that I know get hurt. But, one of the riders was the son of one of my classmates. Holy cow. I almost have a brush with a famous person! Man, she has to be older than me, cause my son isn't old enough to ride bulls professionally. She and I started kindergarten together and went to school together for 12 years, but she must have been held back or something, cause I'm not old enough to have a kid in the PRCA, so for her to have a kid in the PRCA, she has to be older, right??? Yeah. I think so too. She's way older than I am...

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