Thursday, August 21, 2008

Larry's baby

I had a really odd dream last night. It was one of those that was so vivid you think it's really happening. And, yet, it wasn't.

Last night, I dreamed that I was pregnant, but thought that the baby belonged to...

Larry the Cable guy.

Oh, and, I was married to Kevin. Evidently I'd had an affair, except I kept saying to my dream..."I don't remember sleeping with Larry." "Why don't I remember sleeping with Larry?" "Why would I sleep with Larry?"

And, Larry was excited about me having his baby. He bought "us" a nice big family car. He talked about this baby all the me and to Kevin.

Kev was sad that I was having a baby with Larry, but he didn't get mad. He was very supportive.

Finally, in the dream, we somehow went for a sonogram...and the tech said "It is due on April 10." Then, Kev and I started hugging and crying together, cause it was HIS baby, not Larry's.

Poor Larry was brokenhearted. But, even then, at the end of the dream, I thought ..."I really don't remember ever sleeping with Larry."

Weird isn't it.

When I woke up this morning, I hugged Kev and said, "I'm so glad the baby is yours."

Gave him quite a start! And then I told him about my dream.

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