Monday, June 22, 2009

Green & Gorgeous Kansas

We've had an insane amount of rain and storms during the month of June. Some tornado warnings, more hail warnings, but it's been crazy. Just this past Saturday, we had, at our house 5 inches of rain. In one day. Insane.

This is a view from the house, looking east. See the gold wheat, the dark green of the pastures, and the double rainbow? Yeah, it's tough looking at something like this after a rain storm. I feel sorry for you guys who only have trees to see. Just look at what you're missing.

When I'm miserable, hot and sweaty, I'm going to look at this picture and remember how nice and cool it was that night.

These shots are of the same storm, which did drop a few funnel clouds and lots of hail just north of us. (In fact, many wheat fields will not be harvested this year because they've been hailed out.) The first one is looking over the chicken house, across the pasture. Isn't that pretty? And right now, the creek is full of water. And cows. See my chickens? (The chickens are those golden blobs in the foreground.) I'm gettin' about a dozen eggs a day right now. They've enjoyed the rain and the bugs, and they've even enjoyed a couple of frogs. (Not tadpoles, they are still tadpoles...sigh.)

This last shot (above) is looking north. The clouds were just a swirlin' and twistin'. We stood outside, watching the clouds and listening to the tornado sirens in town. It was cool.

But, now, the rain is probably gone for the rest of the summer. Forecast for the week, 100 degrees all.week.long. ugg. In one week, the nice dark green will be gone, and we'll be back to shades of brown and yellow. But for now, it's green and gorgeous in Kansas.

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Anonymous said...

Great pics. Thanks for taking time to share them. The rainbow was gorgeous. And the pond looks great. Makes me envious. Maybe we will get ours flowing before summer is over. And the report of eggs doesn't help either. Maybe I won't tell you f-i-l.